Be the first one to see the Ferrari 458 Italia race series image

We have unveiled the pictures of Ferrari 458 Italia the race series of the company which is not even published by the company yet.

The car is surely going to bang the market with its stunning and sexier look. The one make race series of this car may probably introduced in 2011.

This car was first launched in 2009 at IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2009 and after that the car has produced amazing curiosity in the car lovers. The car is an 8 cylinder two seaters car which can rock the insiders with splendid and shocking speeds. The horsepower producing capacity and also the torque production of the car is out of imagination!! The performance of this high-performance sports car was seen in the Car race in 2009 while having the test drive and all the critics predicted that this car is going to break all the records of sales of the company.


This model is specially created for those people who drive not for the profession or needs, but for passion. This passionate drive is having the track-derived technological innovations inbuilt in the cars. There are many of the other stunning factors that are making the drivers not only speedier but also safer. The aerodynamic package and wider side skirts are some of the major issues that are making the car a safer car in the racing purposes.


These are some of the most exclusive pictures of the dream cars of the car lovers. Ferrari is world famous for their fastest car productions but these days, even the company has made changes in the systems by offering speed control systems in the cars that can reduce the speeds of the cars when they are urgently required. The safety approaches of the cars are truly required and the big giants like BMW, Ferrari are turning towards offering these offers. Have the first ever glance of the Ferrari 458 Italia and get mesmerized by the looks and hot features of the cars.