The brand new Ferrari 458 M has been caught on camera for the very first time while it was being tested on the open road.

Rumors on Ferrari planning a facelift for the 458 have been around for a few weeks now and this should buy the company a couple of years until a true successor for the popular supercar will arrive. Our spy photographers have provided us with the first images of the model in question, which has been spotted while being tested out. Despite the light camouflage added to its body, the vehicle looks basically the same, but keep in mind that this is a simple test mule and the final product may turn out to be quite different.

The Ferrari 458 M name is coming from the “Modificato” and this is expected to come with several tweaks on its body which should help it put some distance between it and the current 458 Italia. As far as the engine goes, the model should be following the same path as the California T, which basically means losing some in the displacement department but gaining more output in order to compete with newer models such as the McLaren 650S. Ferrari might introduce the 458 M at the 2014 Paris Motor Show or even in 2015, during the Geneva automotive event.


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