Ferrari 458 Speciale gets crashed in the UK image

A brand new Ferrari 458 Speciale has been recently crashed in the United Kingdom and it will need a complete makeover in order to return to its former glory.

Were you looking for some wrecked exotic car pics? Probably not, neither was I, but spotting this Ferrari 458 Speciale, with its damaged front fascia on the back of a truck just had to be shared. According to the guys from, the crash happened right after some light rain fell down, so chances are the driver of the supercar lost control of the wheel, spin it and eventually crashed it.

The damages made to the top of the line version of the 458 Italia, the 485 Speciale, seem to be limited to the front fascia, where the bonnet, the front bumper and several other parts will need to the replaced, but this should be a problem if the insurance covers it, or if the owner’s bank account will. The good part is that the driver of the Italian supercar walked away from the crash, uninjured. If you have any more background on how this Ferrari 458 Speciale ended up looking like it does here, please feel free to share.