Ferrari 458 Spider gets updated by A. Kahn Design image

The aftermarket specialists at A. Kahn Design have decided to offer an upgrade package for the Ferrari 458 Spider.

The British tuning company A. Kahn Design has already worked its magic on the Ferrari 458 Italia but this could have made owners of the 458 Spider jealous. Not anymore, because the aftermarket specialists are now offering a new upgrade package for the drop top version of the Italian supercar too. The model is getting silver highlights on the front air intakes, black painted calipers, matte finish for the rear intakes and diffuser, blacked out section of the rear bar, a new set of wheels, 21-/22-inch in size and more.

The interior design is quite simple, except for the classic Nero finish. A. Kahn Design says that the only performance modification is the lowered suspension, which is contributing to the overall aggressive look of the Italian supercar and to improved handling during cornering. Additional details on the Ferrari 458 Spider in question, modified by A. Kahn Design, including its price list, are limited for the moment and will probably be announced over the following weeks. Meanwhile, you can check out the model in the images posted below.