Ferrari 458 Spider hits Chevy Matiz – two women die image

Two women have tragically lost their lives after a Ferrari 458 Spider has collided with a Chevrolet Matiz head-on, recently, in Germany.

The driver of the Italian supercar, age 58, has pushed the gas pedal too hard and lost control of the wheel. The Ferrari 458 Spider has entered the opposite lane and has crashed into a silver Chevrolet Matiz, head-on. The supercar has immediately caught fire, the driver has managed to escape the burning wreck and other motorists pulled the passenger, a 59-year old female, away from the flames.

According to the local media, the accident happened less than 200 meters from a fire station so rescuers arrived shortly. An emergency physician has tried to resuscitate the 58-year old driver of the Chevrolet Matiz but she eventually lost her life at the scene. In the afternoon, sad news came from the hospital, where the girlfriend of the Ferrari driver has lost her life too because of her severe injuries. The police is currently reconstructing the scene, trying to figure it out exactly how the accident occurred. You can see the two wrecked vehicles in the images posted below. The incident took place on the L 284, in Norderstedt, Germany.