Ferrari Accused For Leaving Black Marks on Chinese Relic image

A Ferrari damaged 600-year-old Ming Dynasty Wall in China after racing across it before a publicity event for the automaker.

A special edition $954, 000 Ferrari 458 Italia was filmed speeding across the ancient wall leaving thick black tread marks, which the cleaners couldn’t remove. Rumors say that the local officials were paid 80, 000 yuan (£7,830) to allow the filming of the stunt to take place.

Ferrari declared in a statement that the drive was unauthorized and taken by staff from its Nanjing distributor Nanjing Kuaiyi Automobile Trading, which wanted to hold a new car exhibition in the area. City officials said the car’s purpose was to mark the 20th anniversary of Ferrari’s entry into China’s luxury auto market, at a ceremony on Monday, May 14th. Ferrari expressed its regret for what it called an unacceptable accident adding that it will make sure similar accidents won’t happen again in the future.

“Ferrari has always respected Chinese traditional culture and values the protection of historical and cultural relics,” the company said. “Ferrari deeply regrets the incident.”

But such an accident won’t be put up with by the Chinese officials, taking into consideration that China faces a sensitive issue when it comes to the gap between the rich and the poor, luxury cars being considered by some people just as a symbol of excess.

“We cannot tolerate that Ferrari used the ancient city gate to make a show and ruined it. If you do not respect the city, you do not deserve to stay here,” said one Nanjing resident in a posting.