Ferrari aims to cut 20% of its emissions image

The harsher polluting emission rules coming from the European Union are valid for each and every automaker – and that includes high stakes supercar brands like Ferrari.

Fortunately for the automaker, Ferrari is not alone – which would have mandated an impossible situation for the exotic manufacturer, but part of a global powerhouse called now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – which means the average it has can be aided by the more mainstream brands.

That’s not to say that by the time the new emission rules take effect – in 2021 – the supercar producer doesn’t need to cut down on the CO2 – by as much as 20% according to Ferrari Powertrain Director Vittorio Dini.

“Our average CO2 emissions are currently about 270 grams of CO2 per kilometer. We want to use all the available technologies to reduce emissions by 3 percent each year, which means approximately a 20 percent decrease by 2021,” said Dini. “What is important is that Ferrari achieves the same percentage reduction trend as volume automakers,” he added.

For the completion of the plan, the company will use two solutions – all of its V8 engines will become turbocharged, while the bigger V12s would opt for hybrid solutions, just like the one used for the limited edition and oddly named Ferrari LaFerrari top of the range.

The new implementations would not only cut down on fuel consumption – thus also lowering emissions – but would also improve performance. A good example is the LaFerrari, which now comes with 963 hp, as opposed to its Enzo predecessor, which only offered 660 hp.

Via Automotive NEws Europe