Ferrari and Maserati  Help Alfa Romeo On Engines image

Fiat is expected to announce next month a technical cooperation between its subsidiaries Maserati and Ferrari on engine work for the Alfa Romeo brand.

“Ferrari will take a more active role in engine development for Alfa, similar to what Ferrari already did for Maserati, ” Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said Wednesday in a call with analysts.

Marchionne struggled for years to relaunch the Alfa Romeo brand and in November he announced a new plan: to introduce nine new models from 2013 to 2016, and triple Alfa sales to 300,000 vehicles annually in 2016, from 100,000 vehicles in 2012. Fiat’s CEO announced that currently Alfa is developing three new products, besides the brand’s existing three models.

A Fiat spokesman said that Marchionne was referring to the mid-sized Giulia sedan, a two-seat and a wagon rear-wheel-drive roadster. The Giulia models, which will replace the Alfa 159 discontinued in 2011, will hit the European market in 2015 and will reach the US in 2015, and will be manufactured at the Cassino plant, central Italy, which also already produces the Giulietta compact for Alfa, the Delta for Lancia and the Bravo for Fiat.

Ferrari and Maserati co-developed two twin-turbo gasoline direct-injection engines, which will make their debut on the Maserati Quattroporte flagship sedan, expected to go on sale in Europe this February, in Asia in March and in the US in May or June.