Ferrari buyers have an exotic period of wait until they get what they paid for image

Years ago the Ferrari brand was truly exotic and only a few thousand people got their hands on one – but fame also brings customers so today the waiting list is starting to stretch… until 2018.

It appears the Italian supercar manufacturer – which still has a cap on annual production to make sure its exotic credentials are still met – is having issues coping with its own fame, because there’s a significant increase in demand for its models as of late. According to Herbert Appleroth, CEO of Ferrari Australasia, future owners in some regions need to wait more than one year for their orders to come through. And in the case of the 488 GTB, Spider, California T, or GTC4 Lusso T, there’s no chance the vehicle will arrive sooner than 2018. “There were rumblings that maybe the traditionalists wouldn’t like the new turbo engines, but that’s certainly not the case if you look at the 488 and California T – we’ve never had more success, more demand for our cars,” Appleroth said. “The demand is unprecedented, because it’s the perfect technology for the everyday user in these times.”

Additionally, Ferrari’s range today is the largest ever – another reason for the increase in demand. “The GT4 Lusso T is important for us, because it’s our first V8, front-engine, four-seater from Ferrari, so it’s an additional model to the range,” Appleroth added, hinting that Ferrari is hoping to attract even more new buyers to the brand.

Via CarAdvice