Ferrari California T is now even more enjoyable thanks to new HS handling pack image

The Prancing Horse brand has decided to make the California T turbocharged sports convertible even more enjoyable as it introduced the new Handling Speciale package.

The California T HS will be presented in front of the worldwide audience during the upcoming Geneva Motor Show in March, with the Handling Speciale package also having the California T slightly tweaked in terms of exterior design: the front grille and rear diffuser have been painted in the matte Grigio Ferro Met color. Other interesting novelties include the matte black fences and tailpipes, while the cockpit gains some unique badges.

Of course, the most important novelties have to do with the technical layout: the Handling Speciale comes with a series of specific setups for the suspension and also modifications of the damper settings and updated springs. This will enable better handling, though the “sportier feedback” offered by the stiffer setup will have a small impact on the car’s ride comfort. The Sport mode also includes a fresh gear-shift logic, both for the automatic and manual versions, with the aim of delivering “faster and sportier gear engagement” during shifts. The Handling Speciale also packs a new exhaust system with silencers, with two primary pipes and updated geometry – the modifications were corroborated with those operated at the engine and gearbox software level to “underline the performance gains, with a more rapid response and improved sound and volume when driven hard.”

Ferrari California T is now even more enjoyable thanks to new HS handling pack