Ferrari club parade takes a “walk” on famed Scottish bridge image

When you have a car club that can talk about its 50th anniversary… you know it’s something special and the privileges come with experience. More so when your club is all about Ferrari.

And because Ferrari on its own is just 20 years older, you know you can have a bridge closed for your anniversary parade. This is what happened in Scotland – even though this is no ordinary bridge: the Forth Road Bridge links Fife and Edinburgh and is almost two miles long. It was long enough for the 75 Ferrari cars from the club to cross it – the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Great Britain (FOC GB) did that this past Saturday, as they were strolling leisurely to their club track day held at Knockhill Circuit in Fife. The officials granted them passage on the northbound side of the bridge for approximately 10 minutes as the parade of prancing horses had to undergo typical British weather – rain and fog.

There were numerous wet onlookers of course, and even the local Ferrari dealer added its numbers to the parade, which had models such as the contemporary LaFerrari, F12tdf, as well as classic rides including the 330 GT and 308 GTB. There are numerous other events planned as part of the anniversaries celebrated by both the FOC GB and Ferrari itself – including Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary UK Tour, when the supercar maker will showcase the LaFerrari Aperta.