Ferrari has confirmed it will launch a supercar to succeed the Enzo in 2013, called the F150.

The new supercar will be powered by a V12 engine in combinations with a KERS hybrid system derived from Formula 1.

The engine is a development of the 740HP 6.3-liter V12 from the F12 Berlinetta and will likely develop more than 800 horsepower. Together with the HY-KERS electric hybrid system, expected to produce around 120 horsepower, the F150 would have more than 900 horsepower at its disposal.

According to insiders quoted by Car Magazine, the F150 will cover the 0-100 km/h faster than a Bugatti Veyron, in under 2.5 seconds. Ferrari says the HY-KERS system cuts the 0-200 km/h time by 10 percent while the top speed will be over 320 km/h.

The HY-KERS system also helps reducing CO2 emissions by 40 percent and allows for a torque vectoring system of chassis electronics. Also, the electric motor, battery pack and auxiliary components have a weight-to-power ratio of 1 (120 kilograms for 120 horsepower) and don’t affect the overall power-to-weight ratio of the F150.

The F150 uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, built in the Ferrari F1 team’s composites department. It uses four different types of carbon fiber, increasing torsional rigidity over the Enzo by 27 percent. The driver’s seat is fixed, with the steering wheel and pedal box being adjustable, just like in F1 cars.

The fuel tank and batteries are mounted just behind the cockpit, set as low as possible to lower the centre of gravity. Ferrari says the F150 is no taller than a 458 Italia and its wheelbase is no longer either. Ferrari is expected to launch the F150 in spring 2013.


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