Ferrari confiscated by the Canadian police to be sold! image

2 months ago, the Canadian police stopped two 31-year-old men who were racing up Mount Seymour with speeds up to 200 kilometres an hour. The cars: Ferrari Scuderia and an BMW M6.

Police say a mother reported she was almost hit while she was walking with her two young children.

“When a vehicle has killed or injured someone, it’s too late. Our laws now work to take vehicles away from reckless drivers before they hurt someone because they are demonstrating no regard for the safety of themselves or others on our roads,” he said in a statement.

The two vehicles will now be sold. The Province already has a deal for a dealership to take the Ferrari, but the BMW will be sold at auction on the Province’s BC Auction website at

Of the Ferrari sale proceeds, 50 per cent will go to a relative of the driver who was part owner but was not involved in the incident. The Province will receive 20 per cent and the driver, 30 per cent.