Ferrari could be nothing without Formula 1 success image

This is the way founder Enzo Ferrari envisioned his company: build (race winning) racecars first, then translate all that racing know-how to lavish luxury supercars that cost two arms and two legs.

Last week, a very successful Ferrari period has ended – with longtime Chairman Luca di Montezemolo retiring – and the dawn of a new age is upon the prancing horse. The one where Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne has the last word. And his word is to build more Ferraris – as di Montezemolo capped the production at 7,000 units.

We now come to wonder – is that enough? Especially if Ferrari falters in the one sport that created its mystique – Formula 1. The Scuderia – the racing arm – has always propelled Ferrari’s business through expensive F1 wins and titles. You just need to think about the 458 Italia – it’s essentially a road going racecar that comes with luxury amenities. And if you strip it down and give the wheel to a professional driver you get a racing series – a very successful one as well.

And now come to the main reason a very successful manager had to step down: the Scuderia “sword” fell after his one misstep – the wins on the Formula One racetracks are now nowhere in sight. Can you imagine another top manager resigning when the automaker is actually entirely successful? Neither can we, but this is the mantra of Ferrari – no track, no buck.

Via Business Insider