Ferrari EGO Concept unveiled image

The Ferrari EGO (that stands for Emotional Generation One) is a concept study in a lightweight, compact hypercar for the year 2025. It was designed by Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Petrachi, Vincenzo Morlino and Luca Zunino.

The study focuses around a lightweight, compact supercar for 2025.

The concept was inspired by three elements, namely the egg which symbolizes the concept of selfish, car mechanic “heart” V8 Biturbo centrally positioned and the relationship between humans and machines.

There are all the usual features one would expect for this kind of concept: a fighter plane inspired “cockpit”, exposed carbon fibre, an aluminium tubular chassis, a wraparound windscreen and LED taillights.

The front end is dominated by the prominent hood, which visually extends to the wraparound windscreen.
At the rear the car displays an extremely short overhang, and a design dominated by the spoiler and the circular tail LED lights, that contrast with the dark carbon-fiber surfaces providing a distinctive image.