Ferrari Enzo’s replacement coming with carbon chassis and mid-mounted V12 image

Being around for almost 9 years, the Ferrari Enzo will soon get a replacement and according to the company’s CEO, the new supercar will use a carbon fiber chassis and a mid-mounted V12 engine, but a hybrid may also be in the works.

The Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa also said that besides the carbon fiber chassis and mid-mounted V12 which will come with the Enzo’s replacement, the Italian automaker is also considering a hybrid, and what better model to introduce the new technology than the replacement of the Enzo. “Ferrari is testing hybrid prototypes”, as Felisa told Inside Line.

According to the Ferrari CEO, the Italian automaker has gained a lot of knowledge from the development of the brand’s KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems) in Formula 1 which may become relevant to road cars.

The Ferrari official didn’t announce when the Enzo’s replacement will be officially unveiled but considering that the supercar will turn 10 years old next year, one of the international auto shows from 2012 might be the perfect place.