Ferrari Enzo is up for grabs in the US, price stands at $3.5 million image

While the price is to match, there’s no reason not to consider this offer since there are few days in a year when one of Ferrari’s most iconic supercars becomes available.

Missouri’s Exotic Motors Midwest is offering an even more exclusive example, because the model comes with exposed carbon fiber bodywork. With the model produced back in 2004, the Enzo’s unique design entitles the vendor to ask a cool $3.5 million. It appears that according to reports this is also the only example to leave the Ferrari factory in this state – the carbon bodywork covered only in a protective clear coat, so there’s no paint to detract the viewing of the lightweight material’s weave. This makes this particular Enzo unique among the already exclusive roster of the range – since just 400 units of the vehicle were ever manufactured.

Ferrari Enzo is up for grabs in the US, price stands at $3.5 million 12

The Ferrari Enzo is still one impressive ride to the day: 6.0-liter V12 engine comes with 660 horsepower and an F1 sequential transmission that will deliver 150 millisecond shifts. The Enzo’s top speed stands at 217 miles per hour and the active aerodynamic systems deliver up to 1,700 pounds of downforce at 186 mph. This is also the first Ferrari to use Brembo-sourced carbon-ceramic brakes. On the other hand, according to Hagerty Insurance, the typical rate for a used Enzo hovers somewhere in between two and three million dollars, so we’ll see if the unique version warrants the premium.

Via duPont Registry