Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has ADV.1 wheels image

A black finished Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has received a set of ADV.1 wheels to contribute to that appealing body.

Modifying a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will prove trickier than you probably expect considering the fact that the chances of ending up with something kitschy will increase to the roof but when the supercar is owned by the founder of ADV.1 wheels, you know you’ve got a recipe of success. This has been equipped with the matte black ADV10R Track Spec CS wheels, with the polished gloss brown lip and the exposed hardware but modifications are not stopping here.

The Italian exotic ride is also coming with a lowered suspension finish, with a new set of carbon fiber side skirts, with the carbon fiber splitter and the same lightweight material used on the diffuser. The carbon fiber bootlid spoiler has also been added to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, along with a Capristo exhaust system which will boost horsepower and torque and will allow the engine to scream even more.

The standard Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has a 6.3 liter naturally aspirated V12 engine under its hood, which is capable of producing a total output of 730 HP (544 kW) and it has a peak torque of 690 Nm (509 lb-ft), connected to a seven-speed dual-clutch automated transmission. From 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph), the supercar needs just 3.1 seconds and it can reach a top speed of more than 350 km/h (220 mph). The F12 Berlinetta has been in production since 2012 and it came as a replacement for the 599.