While the BMW M4 is a capable track weapon all by itself, the German high-performance coupe shouldn’t stand a chance against the thoroughbred Italian GT, which has an impressive pedigree.

We’re talking here about an uneven battle. The German machine has just three liters – and less than half of the displacement and only 50 percent of the cylinders of the 6.3-liter V12 in a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. On the other hand, the BMW makes use of two turbochargers while the Italian machine remains a purist with its naturally-aspirated heart and soul. The BMW’s forced induction layout is auspicious ground for the aftermarket specialists. This is why this drag race that took place in Russia has the BMW packing 700 horsepower. We’re not going to spoil the fun here so you should check the video below to see if that’s enough to win the crown from the 740-horsepower F12berlinetta in a half-mile challenge.

The race is a great show of confidence from the BMW tuner, and also a test to its capabilities against a pure racer. In the standard form there was no chance the M4 would win the fight against the grand tourer – but with the added power it might be able to even the playing field. By the way, look at the end of the footage for the two vehicles’ times through the quarter mile and across the finish line. That’s because those paint a different picture to the one that appears to take place from just watching the video.

Via BMWBlog


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