Ferrari F12tdf loses 159 kg and drops your jaw following carbon body treatment done by Vitesse AuDessus image

Here’s a stunning tuning job done on a mesmerizing and spectacular supercar – the limited edition and recently introduced Ferrari F12tdf.

The Ferrari F12tdf – which is not a moniker for “turbodiesel Ferrari” as people joke around – meaning the limited edition F12 Tour de France is an astonishing machinery that comes with the Italian design flair and technical details that would make you dream wet for a week if given the chance to have a go on a racetrack. Nevertheless, the recently established US company Vitesse | AuDessus (they have an awkward filiation’ with the French, but the American boutique carbon fiber atelier does use the latest technologies to have supercars wrapped fully in carbon fiber) decided that staying true to their translated motto (“superior speed” in French) would require their intervention. So, they took the already slimmer F12tdf (which lost 110 kg compared to the Berlinetta) and treated it to a full carbon fiber body replacement – shedding another 159 kg (350 lbs) in the process for a gross weight of about 1,256 kg (2,769 lbs).

The atelier added that just five bespoke bodies would be produced, following the requirements of the clients (if you remember, the F12tdf is reportedly sold out, so they have no option but to abide the customer anyways) and the process is also reversible – so an easy switch to the original combo is possible. The F12tdf is not the only work of art done by the tuner, which delivers the same package – aptly named like this: Vitesse AuDessus Louboutin Limited Edition Bare Carbon Fiber Package – to a wide assortment of spectacular supercars, including the Porsche 918 Spyder, LaFerrari or the Bugatti Veyron.