Ferrari F355 Berlinetta ruined in the Netherlands image

A Ferrari F355 Berlinetta was crashed in the Netherlands after its driver tried to go around the corner very fast and lost control of the supercar.

Not a week goes by without hearing about yet another supercar being crashed after its driver is pushing the throttle to the floor and holds on to the wheel. The latest incident involving an exotic vehicle is coming from the Netherlands where a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta will need a complete makeover in order to return to its former glory. The driver of the Italian vehicle has attempted to go around a corner too fast and lost control of the car.

The model speared into a tree and bounced back on the street but the good part is that the driver walked away from the crash, unharmed. However, the passenger was left trapped in the exotic vehicle and was extracted once the firefighter cut and removed the roof. He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries and his life was not threatened. The bill for repairing the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta is going to be huge and if the insurance won’t cover it, chances are that it will be transformed into beer cans.

Source: 112 Brabant