Ferrari F40 replica looks awesome image

One of the most beautiful Ferrari models ever, the F40, has recently received a replica based on a Pontiac Fiero V6, which looks exactly like the real deal.

Whenever writing about replicas of famous supercars we are used to saying that too much spare time combined with some money in the bank and with a passion for cars can be destructive but this isn’t the case here and in fact the Ferrari F40 replica in question can fool you, if you don’t get a closer look, into thinking that this is a real supercar. The model has been based on a Pontiac Fiero V6 and the car is finished and driveable, with 25,000 miles on its odometer. No asking price can be found on eBay, where the model is looking for a new owner, but the highest bid stands at just over 25,000 USD.

As a reminder, the Ferrari F40 is a mid-engined rear-wheel drive two-door coupe sports car manufactured between 1987 and 1992 and it was the successor of the Ferrari 288 GTO. Power to the Ferrari F40 came from an enlarged 2.9 liter version of the GTO’s twin turbocharged V8 engine, which was developing a total output of 471 horsepower. The suspension setup was also similar to the GTO’s double wishbone. The Ferrari F40 was eventually replaced by the Ferrari F50 in 1992, after 1.315 units of the supercar have been made.