Ferrari F430 burned in Malaysia image

A Ferrari F430 supercar has recently burned in Malaysia on the highway for no apparent reason.

We have always said here on that where ever there will be exotic cars, there will also be exotic car crashes and even if this isn’t actually a crash, it involves a supercar and an unfortunate incident so we couldn’t ignore it. According to the guys at, the Ferrari F430’s engine has overheated and the Italian supercar has burned on a highway in Mantin, Malaysia, but that’s just about all the info we have on this unfortunate incident. The driver probably walked away unharmed and quickly called the authorities who came just in time to salvage the red paint on the left side of the car, hood and bumper, along with the left headlight, which will probably be sold four a few hundred dollars.

If you thought that buying a Lamborghini isn’t too safe because the brand seems to have a thing for flames, think again when you push the gas pedal too hard in a Ferrari too, because if you won’t gear up, this is what can happen. This isn’t the only incident involving the Ferrari F430 in the past few months and another once has been crashed in Malaysia in January, 2012, and the same model came to “a sudden” stop in Greece in February.