Ferrari F430 spontaneously combusts in Pennsylvania image

A Ferrari F430 has recently met its end in Pennsylvania, after catching fire for no obvious reason.

Another example of a supercar spontaneously combusting has been recorded and the incident took place in Pennsylvania. The Italian vehicle in question was a Ferrari F430, which could have also been a Scuderia. The model in question belonged to a surgeon of the city’s hospital and it was parked in the building’s garage when it suddenly burst into flames. The vehicle has been completely destroyed and investigator from the Middletown Township Fire Marshal’s Office are trying to figure it out what actually happened. No one was injured in this sad incident.

The Ferrari F430 has been in production between 2004 and 2009 and it was eventually replaced by the 458 Italia. The model was offered in two body styles and with a rear mid-engine and a rear-wheel drive layout. Power was being provided by a 4.3 liter V8 engine, which was good for 483 HP (360 kW) at 8,500 rpm and 465 Nm (343 lb-ft) of torque, available at 5,250 rpm. The 0 to 100 km/h sprint took just 4.0 seconds and top speed stood at 383 km/h (238 mph).