According to Ferrari prepares the ultimate supercar; a supercar that will compete against most powerful cars available today on the market – the Bugatti Veyron and Lamborghini Reventon. Codenamed F70, the ultimate Ferrari will be lighter, smaller and more focused that actual Ferrari Enzo, which, with slick tires and driven by Michael Schumacher has beat the Veyron on TopGear track.
The new Ferrari will be based on the Millechilli concept which in Italian means 1.000 kg. So, the entire car according to this concept will have around 1000 kg which is 365 kg less than actual Enzo. For this, Ferrari will use a lighter version bi-turbo V8 engine who will producing around 700hp – but with only 1000kg, F70 Ferrari will get to 100 in less then 3 seconds.
Like actual Enzo, Ferrari F70 will be limited to only 399 exemplars. For such a car, which is expected to go on sales in 2012, buyers will have to pay “only” £600,000.
Barely wait to see if, indeed the new Ferrari will be stronger than the current Veyron Fima.


Source: AutoExpress



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