Ferrari F70 spied while being tested image

The all-new Ferrari F70, Enzo’s replacement, has been recently spotted on the road while it was being tested.

The upcoming Italian supercar, which will be officially presented to the public at the end of this year, has been recently caught testing on the road and the images are revealing its shape, with the rising rear wings, which make it look pretty much the same like the 458 Italia. The Ferrari F70 is much wider than the 458 Italia but if this turns out to be just a test car, than it’s really a stretched and widened 458 Italia with a lot of camouflage on its body.

The successor of the Ferrari Enzo will be named the F70 and it will use a hybrid powertrain, mad out of a naturally aspirated V12 petrol engine and two electric motors. The powertrain will be mated to a double clutch transmission and the Italian based automaker is saying that the first electric motor will be used as a generator, for capturing kinetic energy and sending it to the lithium-ion battery back, while the second electric motor will be responsible for charging the auxiliary systems. The Ferrari F70 is rumored to get 920 horsepower and weigh about 1,134 kg or 2,500 lbs and the model is expected to finish the 0 to 100 km/h spring in just 2.5 seconds.