Ferrari fans rejoice – there will be more of their museum for us image

Because this year the fabled brand turns 70 years old, no stone is being left untouched in the bid to make us crave for more – and that includes Ferrari taking care of its classic car fans.

The official museum is being expanded – there’s a new wing for exhibition spaces that encompasses more than 600 square meters for a total of 4,100 square meters. The structure is linked to the main building by means of a continuous glass facade, and there’s also a new museum itinerary. There’s also a new 300-square meter multifunctional space, with the means to host up to 250 people for events, conventions and, educational activities. But most importantly, President and CEO of Ferrari Sergio Marchionne, Vice President Piero Ferrari, Director of the London Design Museum Deyan Sudjic, and Mayor of Maranello city Massimiliano Morini worked together to unveil two new exhibitions.

Ianugurazione mostra del Design Museo Ferrai Maranello 25/05/2017

First up is “Under the Skin”, which has to do with the brand’s innovations, and includes on display the 125 S, their first car. Geeks will be happy to know several technical drawings from the historical archive and numerous engine designs are also on display. The second is the “Infinite Red” – specifically set up to celebrate the 70th anniversary, and bringing together some exclusive track and road Ferrari cars, such as the 500 F2, F2004, and the F2008 Formula 1 cars, or the 250 GT Berlinetta Tdf, 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, and the 250 GTO. There are also modern rides like the F50, the Enzo or the non-homologated FXX K.