Ferrari FF catches fire in China image

A Ferrari FF supercar has recently caught fire in China for no obvious reason, while the vehicle was being driven by its owner.

We’ve always said here on that where ever there will be exotic cars there will also be exotic car crashes, or car fires in this case, which will attract all the attention to them, and even if we are usually used to writing about a driver who pushed the gas pedal too hard and ended up meeting something like the Atlantic Ocean up close, this isn’t the case here, and in fact the driver of the Ferrari FF had nothing to do with this unfortunate incident.

Reports say that the Ferrari FF was being driven down Shi Bo Avenue, in Shanghai, China, when smoke started to billow out from underneath the supercar and that smoke was soon followed by flames. Emergency services arrived quickly and managed to put out the fire, but damages to the vehicle were still pretty severe. No one was hurt in the incident. Ferrari China has announced that the company will open an investigation on this incident, but then again, the automaker said this in 2010 too, when 10 458 Italia models spontaneously combusted.

  • anonymouse

    Ferrari FF will be released on FEB 29 2012. .. this article is earlier than that….

  • Mike

    Really ?:))

  • inautonews

    Ferrari 620 GT will be launched on 29 … the FF has already one year ….

  • anonymouse

    Yap – Feb 29 2012 ACCORDING To the Ferrari Site