The Ferrari FF has been around for quite some time but this is actually the first time this Italian supercar crashed in the Netherlands, in what seems to be an accident on the highway.

We don’t really know the whole story behind the Ferrari FF which managed to give its owner quite a headache but after a quick research on the internet we found out that almost everyone has a different opinion of what happened. says that the Ferrari FF in the image above crashed on the highway, even if we can’t tell for sure if there’s any damage on its body. However, some Italian websites say that the supercar probably has an electronic malfunction of the gearbox or the engine, but an empty tank is also possible.

Last but not least, states what were saying earlier, that the Ferrari FF actually crashed so since these two websites are saying the same thing, we have to believe them or in the worst case, we could make up a story which will then be “copied” throughout the automotive media.

One thing is for sure though, supercar’s driver should definitely attend next year’s Ferrari FF winter driving lessons in Aspen Colorado, for a “pocket change” of 11.400 USD. You can find out more about the winter driving lessons here or you can simply preview the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book where the FF is being offered for sale here.

Either way, enjoy! Sorry for the low quality pic above but it’s the only one of the incident apparently.


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