Ferrari FF winter driving lessons cost $11.400 image

The fact Ferrari is offering winter driving lessons in Aspen, Colorado, starting from early next year, is no surprise for anyone, after we’ve written about this more than a month ago when the sky was blue and the sun still heated our steering wheels, but what comes as a surprise is the price announced by the Italian automaker: 11.400 USD.

Ferrari enthusiasts who would like to experiment the all-wheel drive technology and the V8 power on the new FF model will be able to do this starting from January 2012, when the Maranello based manufacturer will start its winter driving lessons in Aspen, Colorado for a “small” amount of 11.399 USD for two days, including staying in a luxurious room in Aspen, lunches on the circuit and, of course, Champaign.

Thinking that this would be a great opportunity where old billionaires would like to impress their mistresses, Ferrari is also offering extra “seats” for attenders who will have to pay $950 to get the same facilities except they won’t be able to drive the new FF. They will have to settle to be a passenger while the supercar will be controlled by a professional driver.