Ferrari FXX for sale image

A Ferrari FXX is currently being offered for sale in Dubai and the asking price can be called anything but cheap.

After showing you a black Ferrari LaFerrari which was looking for a new owner, being basically brand new, just a day ago, time has come to talk about yet another hot and expensive vehicle which used to be produced in Maranello, the Ferrari FXX. The model in question is a track-only car and it is the circuit-only version of the street-legal Enzo. The one pictured below is being offered for sale in Dubai and the asking price stands at the equivalent of 2,000,000 USD.

The Ferrari FXX has been produced in just 30 units and it is taking its power from a 6.3 liter V12 engine. The model has been equipped with the Evoluzione Package, back in 2007, which costs 300,000 USD, adding an extra 71 HP (52 kW) to a total of 860 HP (632 kW). The package has also added a new traction control system, an upgraded transmission, some aerodynamic body tweaks and so on. If you are looking for a new track toy and you have the financial possibilities of adding it to your garage, you can click this link.