Ferrari FXX K Evo is not from a video game image

It’s actually a real, working hypercar, available from the Italian exotic car maker as an additional package for the existing cars and also as its own limited-edition model.

Ferrari has unveiled over the course of the weekend – during the prestigious Finali Mondiali event at Mugello Circuit in Italy- where the new FXX K Evo became the main attraction, naturally. It arrives to continue the lineage of the FXX Evo and the 599 XX Evo, the new track-only machine from Maranello actually serving as an upgrade for the existing 40 cars of the “standard” FXX K. More so, Ferrari is blissfully allowing new happy owners of the rocket track-ship because it will also be sold as an “extremely limited-run model,” without actual details on the unit count.

Ferrari FXX K Evo is not from a video game 7

Ferrari explains this is actually a “laboratory car,” with the new circuit-ready Ferrari working with an upgraded aerodynamic package with a fixed twin-profile rear wing packed with two side fins and a central fin. All of the changes made to the exterior have aerodynamic influences arrive after more than a year of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations – the downforce figures are now close to racers from the GT3 and GTE championships. So, downforce is up 23 percent and it’s actually 75 percent above a standard LaFerrari – at 124 mph (200 kph), the FXX K Evo generates 640 kilograms of downforce, before hitting 830 kg at maximum speed.

The underbody as well as both front and rear bumpers were reworked and the suspension modified to account for the increased aerodynamic efficiency. The changes also brought a weight loss – yet unknown compared to the 1,165 kg / 2,568 lbs dry credentials of the standard FXX K. The cockpit benefits from the introduction of a new steering wheel with F1-derived built-in gear shift paddles along with controls for using the kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). There are also larger screens and upgraded telemetry system – which includes KERS status. Power comes courtesy of a V12 engine good for 860 horsepower at 9,200 rpm and 750 Newton-meters (553 pound-feet) of torque from 6,500 rpm. Linked to the electric motor good for 190 hp (140 kW) the combined output stands at 1,050 hp and in excess of 900 Nm (730 lb-ft).