Ferrari FXX K (LaFerrari XX) officially unveiled image

Formerly known as the LaFerrari XX, the brand new FXX K has been officially unveiled by Ferrari.

Following some leaked design sketches and numerous reports on what it will be like, the brand new Ferrari FXX K has been officially unveiled recently, during the Finali Mondiali event, in Abu Dhabi. The model in question has been based on the very first hybrid supercar produced in Maranello, the LaFerrari, and the “K” refers to the KERS kinetic energy recovery. The vehicle will never be used in motorsport competitions as it has been developed exclusively for a select group of customers.

As design goes, the front of the model has a twin-profile spoiler along with a larger splitter, being 300 mm lower than the standard one. We can also notice the two pairs of vertical elements, vertical fins channeling the wind towards the flanks, an endplate and a dive plate. The model has also received brand new side skirts, a higher tail section with a mobile spoiler and several other tweaks which are putting enough space between it and the LaFerrari.

The down force has been improved by 50 percent and the supercar has been equipped with sensors which are monitoring the lateral, radial and longitudinal acceleration, along with the pressure and temperature. The vehicle is riding on track-focused Pirelli slicks. Ferrari has added a five-position Manettino button on the steering wheel, which is serving as a control unit for the E-Diff electronic differential, the Racing Side Slip Angle Control (SSC) and the high-performance ABS.