The Spider version of the Ferrari FXX K has been recently rendered and we have to admit that the product looks quite appealing.

With the Ferrari FXX K being based on the LaFerrari and the road legal supercar rumored to get a Spider version in the near future, the track only toy will probably receive a drop top variant over the next couple of years too. The image posted above is giving us a preview on what the model may end up looking like and it is for the moment just a simple rendering, which has been signed by Evren Milano.

The Ferrari FXX K has been officially unveiled just a few days ago and it will be produced in less than 40 units, with each one already managing to find new owners, despite the 2.5m USD heavy price tag. The track toy has the same V12 6.3 liter engine under its hood, as the LaFerrari, which is now packing a total of 860 HP (633 kW), along with the 190 HP (140 kW) electric motor. The total output produced stands at 1,050 HP (772 kW). You can find out more about the impressive Ferrari FXX K by clicking this link.


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