Ferrari is going green – the Enzo successor to be a hybrid image

The Italian based automaker Ferrari has just announced that the successor of their Enzo will be powered by a hybrid which will be mated to the “classic” mid-mounted V12.

After announcing that their new replacement for the 9 year old Enzo will be powered by a V12 and it will use a carbon fiber chassis, Ferrari is once again keeping our headlines after admitting that it will use a hybrid powerplant for the Enzo’s successor.

According to, the successor of the Enzo supercar will develop a total output of 700 horsepower and this won’t be the only “green” vehicle to be made by Ferrari and it seems that the Italian manufacturer is considering some EVs like the 599 HY-KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems).

Rumors are that the new Enzo has been codenamed the FX70 and the supercar will be priced at around 500.000 euros, while the production will be limited to only a few hundred units.

The Italian based automaker didn’t officially announce when the FX70 will be launched but considering the fact that the Enzo will turn 10 next year, the Geneva Auto Show may be the perfect place for the job.