Ferrari may appoint Lapo Elkann as its next CEO image

Luca di Montezemolo, 65, Ferrari’s actual CEO, a graduate from Columbia University New York may retire in the near future according to some rumors.

The aristocrat, once Chairman of Fiat S.p.A ( 2004 – 2010 ) and President of Confindustria from 2004 to 2008 become Enzo Ferrari’s assistant in 1973 and, a year later, in 1974, manager of the Scuderia.
In 1975 Ferrari wins the F1 World Championship and in 1976 Montezemolo becomes CEO of all FIAT racing activities.
In 1991, Gianni Agnelli, at that time president of Fiat and senator for life in Italy names Montezemolo president of Ferrari.

Under Montezemolo, Ferrari returns to profit, and in 2012 sells 7,318 sueprcars – producing the best financial results in its history.
Also year-to-date sales are up – more precisely 1,800 vehicle from January to May – an increase of 4 percent. Trading profit surged 42 per cent to €80.5m. Net profit rose 36.5 per cent to €54.7m.

However like we said before, there are rumors about a possible exit – and according to some reports from the Financial Times, Ferrari may appoint Lapo Elkann, the brother of Fiat chairman John Elkann.

Lapo Elkann, born in New York in 1977 is a former Fiat marketing manager and acted as consultant for Ferrari’s tailor-made programme.
When and in what conditions Mr. Montezemolo will leave Ferrari we don’t know yet, but Lapo Elkann in the position of CEO of Ferrari makes sense somehow considering the fact that his older brother is the Chairman of Fiat, which also controls Chrysler.

Source: Financial Times