Ferrari plans extreme LaFerrari image

The Italian based automaker Ferrari is planning to develop a more extreme version of the LaFerrari, which should hit the market probably next year.

According to the guys at Autocar, who have recently spoken to the Ferrari’s chief designer, Flavio Manzoni, the Italian based automaker is planning to develop a more extreme version of the LaFerrari. Our source is saying that this variant will be sold in very small numbers, possibly fewer than 10, but the company’s official didn’t announce how many exactly. The starting price of the extreme LaFerrari is expected to be set at between 3 million GBP and 5 million GBP.

“When we were producing the original design proposals for LaFerrari there was one proposal that I thought was especially beautiful. So we decided to keep that one back for something truly special in the future”, said Manzoni.

As a quick reminder, the Ferrari LaFerrari has been officially presented to the public, in a world premiere, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. The model is the company’s first hybrid supercar and it’s coming with an impressive 950 BHP and a 1,255 kg weight. A total of 499 units of the LaFerrari will be produced and it seems that every one has been already sold out.

Source: Autocar