Ferrari plans hardcore LaFerrari image

Ferrari is planning to introduce a track-focused version of the impressive LaFerrari, which will get some interesting updates.

The Ferrari LaFerrari is getting ready to receive a hotter variant which will be aimed exclusively towards track days, so make sure you have enough money in your bank account for a very expensive toy. The announcement hasn’t been made official just yet but according to the guys at who have spoken to the head of the Sporting Activity Department in Maranello, Antonella Colleta, the LaFerrari will be receiving a hardcore version. The model in question will be a track-focused hybrid supercar which will have “more or less” the same power.

According to our source, it will be quite difficult to extract more than 950 HP from the current hybrid powertrain so the company will focus on retuning the handling and upgrading the suspension system, the aerodynamics and the electrical system, which will be inspired by the previous FXX. Chances are that the interior design of the LaFerrari XX, as it will probably be named, will be stripped out to save weight, so expect a couple or a single race seat, some racing harness and the lack of the high-end features currently used in its cabin.