The Italian based automaker Ferrari is planning to introduce a new model each year, as the car company is becoming more popular with each passing day.

A brand new Ferrari model will be officially presented to the public this year, as this is part of a new plan where the Maranello based carmaker will unveil a new vehicle each year. According to the company, a full line of high performance models with V8 and V12 engines will be introduced in the nearby future and each one will have a four-year lifecycle, being followed by “M versions”, which will also last another four years. Sergio Marchionne wants to keep the annual production to 7,000 units, but this might increase thanks to the brand’s popularity.

Ferrari has unveiled the F12 Berlinetta, the official successor of the 599 GTB, back in 2012, while one year later, the carmaker has brought us its fastest ever production model and also the first hybrid to roll out of Maranello, the LaFerrari. But this isn’t the newest model to roll out of the Italian production line because the 458 Speciale has taken its place. This is a hotter version of the 458 Italia, the successor of the 360 Challenge and the F430 Scuderia.


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