Ferrari, scared of Lancia, new Stratos is compromised image

The Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari appears to be scared of its sub-brand, by forbidding Lancia to build a limited production of the new Stratos.

With a huge history in the World Rally Championship and millions of fans world wide, the Lancia Stratos is currently at the legend level and it appears it will remain there, because the “mother brand”, Ferrari, doesn’t want Lancia to build a new version of the “champ”.

With the new Stratos having plenty of Ferrari technology in it, the Italian car manufacturer is not allowing its suppliers to get involved in the production of a limited number of the new Stratos, despite the huge interest for these supercars.

The next generation of Stratos is close to remaining just a sketch on a piece of paper, if Lancia’s Plan B, to get the entire project up and running while looking at new partners, fails.

By putting it’s tail in the sabotage of Lancia, Ferrari apears to be afraid of a serious competition from Stratos, especially that the new generation already has over 40 customers signed up.