Ferrari may bring this year at the Geneva Motor Show a Shooting Brake based on the 612 Scaglietti, to study the market response.

Based on the reactions from Geneva, the Italians want to test how flexible the Ferrari brand is – and if a limousine version, something similar to the Porsche Panamera or an Suv will reach its target.

Still, Ferrari officials denied the rumors regarding a possible four dour saloon, which means a fastback design for the next-generation GT makes the most sense.

“We know there can never be a Ferrari SUV,” one source insisted. “But we would like to find out what we can put the marque’s DNA into and still have it accepted as a Ferrari.”

Designed by the newly design chief Lorenzo Ramaciotti, who recently came from Pininfarina, this concept will be powered by a 540 hp V12 engine and will cost about 275.000 euros.

No other details are available for the moment, but stay close because inautonews will be present at Geneva and will keep you updated witht the latest events from the show.


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