Ferrari showcases the open-top LaFerrari Aperta [LIVE Paris update] image

The famous Italian automaker has decided to end the speculation about its flagship model coming as a Spider and has released the first pictures and details about the open-top.

So far the details are scarce, but we expect Ferrari to remedy that until the model makes its first public appearance during the Paris Motor Show in early October. For now, we’re still unsure of the open top’s name, because Ferrari hasn’t officially revealed if it’s going to be called the Spider or if it will go for the “Aperta” tag that was bestowed on the F430 and 458 Scuderia drop-tops. The roofless hypercar looks ready to satisfy the eager buyers and this is probably one of the most anticipated model from the Prancing Horse to come out in a while. While details are few, Ferrari did say the LaFerrari’s carbonfibre tub chassis has gone through extensive modifications in order to bring the model’s rigidity on par with the coupe as much as possible. The Aerodynamics have also faced extensive work in order to maximize the closed car’s drag coefficient when the roof is down. The design is pretty much kept in check – it does look stunning – but there are no big surprises here, as the main visual modification is the movement of the panel above the seats – between the header rail and rear roll hoop.

Ferrari showcases the open-top LaFerrari 0

We’re pretty much sure the model is already spoken for to those select few that have the power and influence to get their hands on one. Still, we understand – going topless will directly link them to probably one of the best engines out there, 6.2-litre, naturally-aspirated V12 that revs like a demon and sounds as if the three Italian tenors had pistons. The hybrid system is of course there as well, with Ferrari saying that performance and power are on par with the coupe. That means we’re looking at 950 bhp and 663 lb/ft of torque, which should lend a sprint of about three seconds to 62 mph – 100 km/h.

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