Ferrari slams F1 ‘rubbish’ in English press image

( Ferrari has hit back at what it calls “rubbish” speculation from within the English-speaking media.

The Italian team regularly uses an anonymous and acid-tongued website columnist called the Horse Whisperer to hit out, and on Thursday it aimed fire at claims about the money paid to Ferrari’s drivers, and the team’s overall budget.

“The Spaniard (Fernando Alonso) is reckoned to touch 26 million euros which is obviously pure fantasy,” the columnist wrote.

And “the visionaries from across the Channel, always ready to point the finger at Maranello as the biggest spenders, would do well to look closer to home”, he added.

Ferrari then aimed fire at rumours the team could be looking to replace its Brazilian driver Felipe Massa with Mark Webber, Jenson Button or Nico Rosberg.

“Needless to say, it is just rubbish, the sort that gives you really bad allergies,” the column reads.