Ferrari starts investigating 458 Italia Fires image

Looks like there are some problems with the new Ferrari 458 Italia. Why? Because in just several months ten of them crashed or were gutted by fire.
There is no suggestion that there is any technical fault with the vehicles but Ferrari has confirmed it is investigating the fires, because the strange thing is that all of them started to burn from the same place – back left area …
According to Greg Carlson from wreckedexotics, the website had recorded four incidents involving the new Ferrari, in the last ten days alone.

He said: “The 458 Italia is Ferrari’s latest high-production vehicle so I knew there would be many crashes but I didn’t expect there to be so many so soon.
“It’s not uncommon for new exotic models to start off with a few crashes – owners are getting the feel for the new car, some are taking it beyond their skill level, although the 458 does have a higher than normal crash count so far.”

The 458 was launched earlier this year to high acclaim from the motoring world – Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson even described it as ‘one of the all-time greats’