Ferrari TRC Spider Best Sold at the Monaco Auction image

The top three lots at the auction offered by RM Auctions in Monaco were held by three Ferrari models.

The auction took place during the weekend and offered 94 cars, out of which 22 were Ferraris. The auction was led by a 625 TRC Spider, which was sold for 5 million euro ($6.5 million). It seems that the Italian automaker remains the top brand for classic-car investors. The 1957 model, which features a V-12 engine, was bought new by the West Coast-based Ferrari dealer and racer John van Neumann. It lost its original engine, but was later restored in the 1980s.

“Ferrari trumps all other names in terms of prestige and liquidity,” the Geneva-based auto adviser Simon Kidston said in an interview before the sale. “If you have a good car that’s priced correctly, you can find a buyer within hours.”

The auction, which offered 94 vehicles, raised 32.4 million euro, a little under the 33 million euro the company gained in 2010 at its inaugural event. Other classics which sold well are a 1966 Ferrari 206 S Dino Spyder and a 225 Sport Spyder “Tuboscocca,” from 1952, each sold for 2.5 million euro.