Ferrari unveils 180 square metres F1 Simulator image

Today, Ferrari unveiled one of the largest F1 Simulator in the world. The simulator is housed in a building measuring around 180 square metres, on two floors, which includes the control room, it features a Dolby Surround 7.1 sound system, putting out 3500 W, and weights more than 200 tons.

The first virtual laps at the wheel of the simulator were driven by Andrea Bertolini, who worked with the Prancing Horse engineers on the development of the project, having gained a great deal of experience over the past few years, working on the simulator at the FIAT Research Centre.

The Ferrari simulator, built with the technical support of Moog, consists of an aluminium and composite structure in which are fitted the cockpit and the equipment which produces the images and sound. The platform weighs around two tonnes and is fitted with electronically controlled actuators that way around half a tonne each.

The whole is controlled by ten multiprocessor calculators with a total memory of over 60 GB of RAM