Ferrari unveils its 2013 Formula 1 car, the F138 image

Scuderia Ferrari today launched its 2013 Formula One car, the F138.

The name of the car, which is the 59th built by Ferrari specifically for the F1 World Championship, comes from a combination of the current year and the number of cylinders. In this way, Ferrari wanted to mark the fact that it is the eight and final year or competition for the V8 engine configuration.

The F138 was designed from an entirely different group of designers than those who are currently developing the 2014 F1 car, which will be very different from this year’s machine, starting with the engine, a 1.6-liter V6 instead of a 2.4-liter V8.

According to Ferrari, the F138 “is an evolution of the F2012 in terms of its basic design principals, although every single part has been revised in order to maximise performance, while maintaining all the characteristics which were the basis of last season’s extraordinary reliability.”

The car continues to use pull-rods both front and rear, but has additional aerodynamic tweaks, especially at the rear, which is much narrower and more tapered on the lower part. However, the aerodynamic elements shown on the car are only those from the initial phase of development, with significant modifications to be introduced in the weeks before the first race.

Ferrari also mentions that it has introduced ahead of schedule the single control unit that will be used in 2014.