Amedeo Felisa, the CEO of Ferrari said today that the Italian iconic automaker will never follow Aston Martin or Porsche intro making a four-door sports car.

Felisa said that at this moment no one would buy a four-door Ferrari.

“Frankly speaking no-one is asking for a four-door Ferrari. If you want a four door Ferrari we have a Maserati.
“We stand 60 years and we never needed four doors. What never means, I don’t know, but one of the strong points of Ferrari is to keep the product in the right way. I’m not saying four doors is not right for the image, but it’s not part of our heritage.”

When asked why Ferrari is planning a hybrid car and is also implementing fuel-saving stop-start technology on its models, Felisa replied:

“Hybrid was forced on us by regulation, there is no regulation forcing us to do four doors.”


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