Ferrari will build a new engine for Fiat image

The Italian based supercar manufacturer Ferrari will build a new engine for Fiat which will be used in high-end models from 2014 or 2015.

After an agreement has been signed between the two automakers, Fiat and Ferrari, the supercar manufacturer will build a new engine for Fiat, which will use it in high-end models over the next years. Even if there is no official word on this yet from either company for the moment, the guys at are saying that the new engine, which will be built by Ferrari, will be used by the Fiat Group in high-end models and there is a good chance of it being used in the Alfa Romeo flagship too.

According to the source mentioned above, Fiat will give Ferrari about 50 million euros (62 million USD) for the production line on which the mysterious engine will be born. Besides the Fiat Group which will use the upcoming unit and the Alfa Romeo brand which might adopt it too, the engine is also expected to be used by the final production version of the Maserati Kubang SUV or the Levante. The new engine, which might be a twin-turbo V6, will go in production in 2014 and it will be used probably starting with 2015.