Ferrari won’t produce Sedan, SUV or entry-level model image

The Italian based automaker Ferrari has no plans to produce a new entry-level model, a Sedan or an SUV in the nearby future.

While its main competitors like Lamborghini, Porsche or Aston Martin are currently developing or even selling SUVs, entry-level models or sedans, the Italian based automaker Ferrari has no plans to put such models into production because the company feels that heritage is everything. The Ferrari chairman, Luca di Montezemolo, says that the brand will not be following suit.

“You have to always know if you want to cook pasta or fish”, said Luca di Montezemolo in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport.

While Ferrari isn’t planning to follow its competitors in new segments on the market, one thing is for sure, the newest future supercar will be a successor of the iconic Enzo and it will be named the F150. The model in question will get a 6.3 liter V12 engine under its hood, producing more than 750 HP (559 kW), backed up by an electric motor which will provide an extra 100 HP (74 kW) and 270 Nm of torque (200 lb-ft). The F150 will make its public debut during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March.

Source: Auto Motor und Sport